Dundee: ‘Lights! Music! Space!’

A NEW show inspired by space will have its premier in Dundee this spring.

The concert – called “The Science Fiction Experience” – will feature an array of visual effects, a bespoke light show, and a professional rock band.

Gardyne Theatre will play host to the immersive event, produced by local writer David Darling.

The show marks Darling’s first stage production, with his previous work including writing 50 books that specialise in astronomy, and which have been published in more than 20 countries.

His new project – which has been in planning for years – will take viewers across galaxies to a soundtrack of 18 pieces of music.

“More than ever, we all need an escape from normality, and ‘The Science Fiction Experience’ will transport the audience out of this world and into another, more fantastic and extraordinary,” he said.

“Taking their seats in the theatre, the audience will feel like they’re looking through a window into the cosmos, staring into a spaceship before heading off on a journey through the cosmos.

“They’ll be moved and entertained by a range of musical tracks from the menacing sound of Frankenstein to classical, orchestral pieces and prog-rock.”

The music will also range from covers of cosmic classics like Rocket Man to original songs that have all been written by Darling.

Hoping to take the show across the UK, it is expected that the concert will move to larger venues in the future.

Yet, Darling maintains that he’ll keep a flavour of Dundee in each production.

“We are delighted to have so much home-grown talent in the show, from musicians to dancers, alongside the professionals doing the arrangements and creating the visual aspects of the event,” he added.

Tickets for The Science Fiction Experience are available from Dundee City Box Office.

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