Sheila Fleet's new collection is inspired by a landscape of snow and ice
Sheila Fleet's new collection is inspired by a landscape of snow and ice

Discover Arctic Stream with Sheila Fleet this weekend

Leading Scottish jewellery designer, Sheila Fleet, will be holding her Meet the Designer event at her Stockbridge Gallery in Edinburgh this weekend.

Running from 25–27 October, visitors will have the chance to meet Sheila and view her newest work

Sheila’s latest collection – Arctic Stream is inspired by a landscape of snow and ice. As glacial ice moves and changes, rocks of different shapes and sizes are carried with it, often coming to rest beside sparkling meltwater.

Sheila was inspired by this process and by the shapes and colours of glacial ice, water and rock. The intricate design mimics pebbles of varying shapes and sizes resting by flowing meltwater, hand-enamelled in Arctic Blue, a colour inspired by the reflection of light on water and ice.

Sheila has long been fascinated by the dynamic landscape of the Arctic although with recent interest in Orcadian born explorer John Rae born in 1813, this has sparked a new awareness of the Arctic and its importance.

Sheila Fleet’s new collection is inspired by a landscape of snow and ice

Whether you are looking to treat yourself or perhaps looking to get ahead on the Christmas shopping, Sheila and her Stockbridge staff will be there to offer you assistance.

You may also wish to have your finger measured for one of Sheila’s designer rings. All rings are available in silver, gold and platinum, set with diamonds or a variety of semi-precious gemstones.

Sheila will also be happy to discuss her work with Scottish Gold and answer any questions you may have.

Sheila is offering 10% Loyalty Discount during her Meet the Designer Event. This promotion applies to all silver, gold and platinum jewellery and rings, including her new Arctic Stream collection (please note: this promotion excludes Charitable Daisies and Scottish Gold).

Meet the Designer event takes place on Friday 25 until Sunday 27 October 2019, 10am – 5.30pm (Sunday 11am – 5pm) at 18 St Stephen Street, Stockbridge, Edinburgh, EH3 5AL.