Fun at the Mini Maker Faire
Fun at the Mini Maker Faire

Creative talents will descend on Scotland’s capital

The Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire 2018 and calling for participants to take part in their 2018 event.

This is a day-long celebration organised by the Edinburgh International Science Festival and will take place on the last day of the Festival at Summerhall.

The event gathers together fascinating, curious people who enjoy making things and who love sharing what they do. They are looking for anyone, from engineers to artists, scientists to crafters, and they want to you to show off your hobbies, experiments and projects.

The event will be on Sunday 15 April, the ‘grand finale’ of the festival from 10am until 5pm.

The Maker Faire movement began in the United States in 2006 in San Francisco and since then the movement has grown from strength to strengths with Makers Faires taking place all over the world. Edinburgh is Scotland’s largest Maker Faire event and reaches around 1500 visitors every year.

Fun at the Mini Maker Faire


Alexander Enoch, founder of Robotical and Mini Maker Faire Participant in 2016 and 2017 has said: ‘Making stuff is essential for humanity. If nobody made stuff then we wouldn’t have… stuff.

‘It’s a compulsion for a few of us who can’t help but end up spending hours inventing, tinkering, and exploring. Many more of us have hobbies that involve making – from baking to knitting to 3D printing.

‘Creativity is not fostered in schools like it should be, yet it is one of the most important attributes we have. Maker Faires provide a hub for those of us who make things to get together, and to inspire others to realise that they can make stuff too – be it from paper, plastic or petunias.’

Last year’s Mini Maker Faire included demonstrations of making techniques from electronics to carpentry and a whole host of projects which got audience’s creative juices flowing, including drones, interactive projections, 3D printing, imaginary cities, quirky video games, bamboo bikes, artistic furniture with wood burning, Chinese art and handcrafts, digital instruments, video installations, and 3D computer graphics.

The deadline for applying is 31 January 2018 and for details of how to apply to the Mini Maker Faire 2018, click HERE.