Conifox breaks assault course world record

CONIFOX Adventure Park at Kirkliston near Edinburgh has broken the world record for the longest inflatable assault course.

The Tartan Titan“, which opens on Saturday, measures 568 metres in length – longer than five football pitches.

It smashed the previous world record by 73 metres.

Official adjudicator Glenn Pollard said: “Guinness World Records titles are not easy to achieve by definition.

“It gives credibility to Conifox Adventure Park as well as anyone else who wants to come along and try and break it.

“Given the previous record has stood for four-and-half years, they would have a very tough job ahead of them.”

Open to everyone taller than 1.2 metres, “The Tartan Titan” features 50 sections of obstacles, including “The Corkscrew”, “Wipe Out”, “Ninja Run”, “Ladder Challenge”, “Tidal Wave”, and “Everest Slide”.

James Gammell, managing director at the park, says: “’The Tartan Titan’ has been fantastically well received and we’re absolutely delighted to be able to announce that it has been officially adjudicated as the world’s longest, by the Guinness World Records.

“Dates to take on the challenge are running out and we’re keen that as many people as possible get the chance to experience this amazing attraction.

“It is only available [on] 6-16 August, so there is no time to lose.”

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