Charlie MacLean’s sons launch whiskies

SCOTCH expert Charlie MacLean’s sons have launched two whiskies to raise money for clean water projects in Madagascar.

Just 168 bottles of MacLean’s Pillage, a blended malt, and 299 bottles of MacLean’s Spillage, a blended Scotch, will go on sale at 10am today at and should bring in £100,000 for Argyll-based charity Feedback Madagascar to drill 18 bore holes.

Six months ago, Ewan (28), Jamie (26) and Lachlan MacLean (22) became the fastest and youngest trio to row across the Atlantic and the first three brothers to row any ocean.

During their training row for the trip, they visited the 17 whisky distilleries along Scotland’s west coast and “pillaged” whiskies for the blends.

Charlie said: “To my knowledge, this is the first time that all the distilleries on the west coast have collaborated and we’ve tried to balance the personalities of the different whiskies to create two unique, attractive and very rare blends.”

The two whiskies were blended by a team including Charlie and Whyte & Mackay master blender Richard Paterson.

Arthur Motley, sales director at Royal Mile Whiskies, added: “Not only is this the first blending project of one of the most respected names in Scottish whisky and a limited edition, but all the proceeds will go to charity.

“Given those factors and the exquisite taste of both whiskies, we think the bottles could sell out within hours.”

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