Celtic Connections begins

GLASGOW’S Celtic Connections music festival kicks off its 30th season tonight.

Around 1,200 musicians will stage 300 events at 25 venues throughout the city during the 18-day festival.

Genres represented in the programme include “traditional folk, roots, Americana, jazz, soul, and world music”.

Highlights include: Irish six-piece ensemble Notify, which celebrates its 10th anniversary at Saint Luke’s on Saturday, Scottish folk singer, songwriter, and ukulele player Claire Hastings and Welsh language singer, songwriter, and musician Gwilym Bowen Rhys, along with Icelandic sibling trio Blood Harmony, playing at the Mackintosh Church on Wednesday; and the Irish Chamber Orchestra performing on Wednesday at Glasgow Royal Concert Hall on Wednesday, marking the first time an overseas national orchestra will have played at the festival.

Donald Shaw, creative producer for Celtic Connections, said: “A huge amount of work and preparation has gone into this year’s festival; it is testament to the strength and tenacity of the Scottish music industry, which has successfully overcome an incredibly tough period.

“We are so appreciative of the musicians and artists who have contributed in all manner of ways to Celtic Connections over the past three decades, and we will pay homage to them throughout the 2023 festival, as well as looking forward towards a bright and hopeful future. We look forward to seeing venues full, artists doing what they do best and the musical community thriving right across the city.”

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