Book Festival sends ‘Outriders’ on their way

FOUR Scottish writers are teaming up with a quartet of their European contemporaries for Edinburgh International Book Festival’s third “Outriders” project.

The programme was launched in 2017, with Scottish writers pairing up with international peers to travel through the Americas and Africa.

The writers share stories from their trips at the Edinburgh International Book Festival.

Next spring’s participants will travel through Europe, taking in Cyprus, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Norway, Poland, and Romania.

Cal Flyn, who has written about wildlife for Scottish Field, will travel with German novelist Helene Bukowski on an adventure through the Transylvanian wilderness in Romania.

Victoria McNulty, Dean Atta, and Mara Menzies will be joined on their trips by Ciarán Hodgers, Kostya Tsolakis, and Rawdna Carita Eira.

Nick Barley, director of the Edinburgh International Book Festival, said: “Outriders is one of our most ambitious initiatives, offering Scotland’s writers unparalleled experiences and material for their writing.

“At the same time, Outriders promises to offer new perspectives on Europe for Scottish audiences at a time of great political and social change across the continent.

“This is the third iteration of Outriders, with previous projects having sent writers first to the American continent, and then across Africa.

“Those previous projects confirm that Outriders Europe will also generate long-term partnerships between the writers as well as opportunities to present their work across the continent.”

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