Banchory Bangle raffle deadline approaches

THE raffle to win this year’s “Banchory bangle” comes to an end on Friday.

Jewellery designer Malcolm Appleby has made been making a bangle each year since 1976 to raise money for Children 1st.

Appleby uses recycled gold and silver to make his bangles, which have raised £184,000 so far for the charity.

Raffle tickets are on sale at the Taylors soft furnishings shop on Banchory’s High Street or online.

“Although the design for the Banchory Bangle changes every year, it’s always inspired by nature,” he explained.

“This year I decided to celebrate the birch tree, which was once predominant in Deeside.

“Along the lengths of the bangle are branches of birch folding inwards and interlacing.

“There’s a song thrush singing merrily at the top of the tree, and there is a speckled wood butterfly, which we’re finding in Deeside now.

“There’s also a recently-arrived nuthatch running down the trunk.”

He added: “I always engage the inside of the gold bangle with the year in question, but this year I’ve added a little extra.

“There are some chanterelle mushrooms, which rely on birch woodlands to survive while also nurturing them.

“It’s a little touch that shows biodiversity.”

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