Alexander McCall Smith shares writing secrets online

AUTHOR and Scottish Field columnist Alexander McCall Smith will lead the second in a series of free online workshops hosted by James MacMillan for The Cumnock Tryst.

He will share his literary expertise with 50 participants on 7 October from 7.30pm.

“Not ever writer writes in the same way,” he explained.

“For some it is all about meticulous planning, the drawing up of detailed chapter outlines and character profiles, whereas for others the story seems to flow more organically onto the page.

“Regardless of which kind of writer you are, or aspire to be, I hope that this workshops will help you unleash your inner creative and I am thrilled to have been asked to help participants do so.”

He added: “Congratulations to The Cumnock Tryst and James MacMillan for finding such an innovative and collaborative solution in these uncertain times.”

Chris Packham, Michael Symmons Roberts and Pete Stollery are also leading online workshops, which are part of the A Musical Celebration of the Coalfields community opera project.

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