You won’t want to miss Missy’s new single

A Scots singer is on the road to release her second single of the year.

Missy Mcanulty, from Edinburgh, has performed at 11 shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and a successful show at Sneaky Pete’s, the singer and songwriter Missy Mcanulty is back with her second single release of the year Yellow Brick Road, which is out August 31.

Missy has been very busy after the first of her quartet of singles to be released this year called Home.

During the Edinburgh Fringe she has taken the stage at BBC’s At the Fringe Tent, The Cowshed, The Mercat Stage Royal Mile and The Pear Tree.

Missy said: ‘I have been performing my new single throughout the Fringe and I have had a positive response.

‘As my lyrics are centred around well-being, I wanted to push the message with this song that we need to look out for each other. I think it makes people realise that we get so caught up with our own busy lives these days that we need to take that time to think about others in need.’

Yellow Brick Road is track close to her heart, and discussing the lyrics in the track, she added: ‘I write about people that I meet and experiences that we have in life.

‘Sometimes you have to think outside the box about things that you encounter and I hope that when people listen there might be something in there that they can resonate with.’

Yellow Brick Road is out in all major music stores on Friday August 31.

Missy’s next show at Stramash Edinburgh on Monday September 10.