The final single of 2018 from Missy Mcanulty

Scottish singer Missy Mcanulty is releasing her final song of 2018 – and it’s her most personal track to date.

Learn to Love Me is Missy’s final release of the year, and believes it’ss the track from her recent releases that she can relate to most.

After the release of Fire last month which touched on uplifting moments in life, Missy wanted to get more personal and tell a story about a deeper life experience.

It’s a track with edgy production, and the vocal betrays a fragility which wasn’t apparent in the pure feelgood pop that was the previous single. This time, think Scandinavian popster Tove Lo – but without the sex and drugs.

Missy is getting excited about the release on Friday, November 30.

She said: ‘Even though this song is personal I feel the subject will hit home to many.

‘Social media and work pressures can have such a big impact on the way we compare ourselves to others. But everyone is different and everyone has their own unique qualities. If we were the same the world world be a boring place.

‘Learning to accept ourselves so there is not a constant drive to live up to something else will give us the headspace to not only live in the moment but also give us more time think about others. The time is now!

‘It’s about living life to the full and spending time with the people that matter most.’

The song was written by Missy and produced by Jared Harding and Simon Hopkinson, the talented producers of the four tracks she has launched this year.

Missy and her band are playing at Sneaky Pete’s on December 18 with support from EARFATHER and Acolyte.