Album takes Event Horizon Project to new heights

Geza Frank and Jean Damei go beyond the stars with a debut recording hailing be the first in a series known as the Event Horizon Project, the aim being to combine music, dance, light and visuals to reflect the beauty, and no doubt challenges, of space exploration.

Event Horizon is a very cleverly constructed album allowing Frank and Damei to show their undoubted mastery of whistle and guitar respectively with, at times, quite spellbinding wizardry.

It would have been easy to overdo the electronic backdrop and lose the tunes in an interstellar mishmash but I think the production team have got it just about right. Take away the gizmos and there is a recognizable celtic edge to the tunes with Geza’s melodies spinning from one stellar body to another, at times teetering on the brink of a black hole in Runaway Star.

It would have been nice to hear more Uilleann pipes throughout the album though, as they come into their own in Type 2 Civilisation. Fans of the Olllam will perhaps appreciate Keppler 22B and Meteor Shower though each track has its own particular rhythm and beat overlaid with some very skilful and classy melody lines. Orion Nebula is a lovely, optimistic track.

As a concept the project is certainly viable. Does this standalone album create a “new music” as claimed? Well perhaps not. In truth, there is little in music generally that hasn’t been tried or heard before.

That said, this is a great album for contemplation and I for one look forward to experiencing the full project show in due course.