S-Marty thinking as Scottish firm exports its robot

A robot developed in Edinburgh is to teach children in South Korea all about computer coding.

The educational Marty the Robot in extremely high demand, as a huge order has been placed by the Wise Club in South Korea, and it has also been named a finalist in the 2018 Made In Scotland Awards.

Usable from primary school to university, Marty is a real walking robot for the price of a smart toy. For kids, makers, educators, and anybody who just wants a cute robot Marty makes learning about programming, electronics, and mechanical engineering a fun and engaging process.

With its unique leg mechanism, Marty can walk, turn, dance and even kick a ball. It’s easier to use than most walking robots, and unlike a smart toy it’s a serious platform for learning.

Since Marty’s launch in 2017 the response from all over the globe has been excellent, with both previous batches selling out.

This, combined with increased funding, has led Robotical to increase production and increase the places Marty is available for sale – he’s now available on Amazon for the first time.

The demand for Marty is global, highlighted by the recent order from the Wise Club in Korea, an education company which provides extra tuition after the school day has ended.

The Wise Club’s headquarters are in Seoul, but it has 50 offices and over 1000 contracted teachers who work across the country, so ordered over 2000 Marty the Robots to assist with teaching its students to code.

Myles Bax, business development at Robotical, who recently visited Korea, said: ‘The contract with the Wise Club is very exciting for us, and we’re looking forward to developing our ongoing partnership. The initial order will be used to demonstrate what Marty can do and then Wise Club will be developing coding classes using Marty.’

Marty the Robot has also been named a finalist in the Best New Product category in the 2018 Made in Scotland Awards which celebrate Scottish innovation.

Robotical founder, Dr Sandy Enoch, said: ‘We have had an excellent response to Marty since the launch, and being named a finalist in the Made in Scotland Awards is just further evidence that hopefully what we are doing is making a difference in educating the next generation of coders and engineers.

‘Marty the Robot is all about taking the technology I used during my PhD in robotics, and making it accessible. I’m happy we’re able to offer Marty more widely, and give more young people a chance to get some hands on experience of physical computing and robotics’

Robotical is an Edinburgh based start-up which aims to inspire, engage, and educate the next generation of engineers and scientists by letting them get hands on experience with their very own actual walking robot.

Marty has won several awards since its creation, including: a Scottish EDGE Award 2016, Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Fellowship, second prize in the EU Robotics Forum entrepreneurship award, and the Converge Challenge Design and Creativity award.