Pamela McGowan  bought her childhood home in Tranent

Pamela’s emotional return to her family home

When Pamela McGowan made the decision to move to Edinburgh she had no idea she would be stepping back in time and repurchasing her childhood...
Caroline Thomson with husband Andrew

The art and science-inspired daffodil garden

Preservation and daffodils are at the heart of the heritage collection of Backhouse, at Rosfie Arts Garden in Fife. Caroline Thomson is an artist and...

Brian’s garden is one for the whole family to enjoy

Tucked away near off Edinburgh's Ravelston Dykes, Brian Hunter's garden is a botanical haven designed with family get togethers in mind. Three different seating areas...

Huge bonfires let us make our perfect garden

When artist Val Leckie and her husband, violin maker Paul Bowers, moved into their flat on Edinburgh's Eglinton Crescent in 1997 they set about creating...
A living wall creation

Make the most of your garden – by starting work now

March is truly the start of the new season for gardeners. The weather improves, soil warms and drifts of bright yellow daffodils proclaim that spring...
Dunvalanree is located in a site linked to Robert the Bruce

Property with a connection to Robert the Bruce is offered for sale

A historical hotel reputed to be sited near where Robert the Bruce was inspired by a spider is on the market. Dunvalanree, a hotel on...