It’s the same pink gin, just a little greener

Eden Mill have launched a new, more sustainable bottle for their best-selling pink Love Gin in time for Mother’s Day.

Created in the UK exclusively for Eden Mill, the 50cl crystal cut design honours the distillery’s heritage, replicating the style of bottle used on the Eden Mill distillery site when gin and whisky was made there throughout the 1800s.

The new glass bottle continues St Andrews-based Eden Mill’s commitment to sustainability; it is more easily recycled and the new lightweight design uses 18% less glass than the industry standard bottle. Made in the UK and distilled in St Andrews, it also has a low carbon footprint. The ceramic bottle will still be available directly from Eden Mill’s website and stores.

For Mother’s Day, Eden Mill have engraved their Love Gin bottles with a Mother’s day message which will be available online (order before Wednesday March 18)) and to purchase directly from Eden Mill’s Blendworks Gin School in Princes Square. The bottle comes as part of a special Love Gin Martini Gift Set at £36.

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