Keep your garden growing in the heatwave

As temperatures sizzle across Scotland, Brian Hawthorn, horticulturist at Cardwell Garden Centre, offers hot tips to make sure your plants and flowers continue to thrive.

  1. Droplets of water on leaves can magnify the sun’s rays, scorching your plants. Water your garden in the cooler temperatures of the evening using a watering can or hose with spray attachment.
  2. Rather than just spraying leaves, water the ground around the plant’s canopy to make sure roots get the benefit of the irrigation.
  3. Add a layer of bark or mulch around your borders to retain moisture in the soil.
  4. If soil in a pot or basket has dried out and formed a hard layer on top, water may just run off the surface without penetrating the roots. Break the surface of the caked soil so water gets to where it needs to be.
  5. Give your potted plants more shade than usual to stop them from drying out.
  6. A lawn sprayer is a handy addition to your gardening tools – use it to keep your grass hydrated.
  7. Adjust the blade setting on your lawn mower to keep your grass slightly longer. This will offer shade for soil and roots.
  8. Water fruit and vegetables daily, especially tomatoes, potatoes, cucumbers and courgettes which need water in order to swell up before being picked.
  9. Spare a thought for birds. Keep your birdbath topped up with fresh clean water so they can have a drink and clean their feathers.
  10. Enjoy your garden bathed in the sunshine while it lasts. Pour yourself a long, cool drink and sit back in your lounger!