Fringes: They can be Heroes – just for one day

Heroes is a production aimed at families with an engaging tale told by Beverly Grant and Tony Mills.

A production aimed at children is certainly one of the most difficult to pull off as children are a very discerning audience and if bored are prone to twitch, yawn and chatter.

None of these happened, the audience was engrossed and enthralled by the tale.

Do we need any more Super Heroes? Are Super Heroes and celebrities the right focus for our adulation?

The story is told rather beautifully with a combination of mime, circus acrobatics, dance and narrative. There is a particularly impressive performance from Bev on the suspended circus ring. It is hard enough to conquer this form of aerial acrobatics, but you have to be very good to ape failure to perform feats upon the ring.

As the story unravels it becomes clearer that Super Heroes, like us all, need to share and share with friends. One such Super Hero in the story rather poignantly says having super powers are only useful ‘if they are shared.’

Bev and John having squabbled and fallen out whilst playing together at the beginning of the story rekindle their friendship and that is enough for Bev to perform most perfectly her complicated aerial acrobatics, persuading John to get involved too.

You know this pair have cracked it when you see children in the audience raising themselves off their seats for fear of missing any of the action.

There too is an delightful accompaniment to the performance, the noise of children squealing and laughing with delight. Great family fun.

Heroes, Underbelly, Underbelly George Square, 3pm

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