Fringe: True stories of an incredible life well lived

There are some people that can make their lives complicated, there are others for whom life is complicated, then there is Fiona Goodwin.

The title of her monologue, A Very British Lesbian, gives it away: she is a lesbian.

Everything conspired to keep her in the closet, her religion, her country and her mother’s desire for her to ‘meet the right man’.

I am privileged to know some very interesting people who have done some extraordinary things in their lives – in Goodwin’s journey to find the key to the closet she has experienced more than most.

She at various times in her life, in search of that elusive key, has been: a missionary in Honduras, taught in Florence, fished in Positano, lived in Hollywood, taken a male lover, been the subject to an exorcism and shared a child. A lover was involved at each stage of her life.

Goodwin delivers this monologue exquisitely and beautifully. The tales are amusing, sensitive and the pain of her misfortune in love is disarmed by those very British weapons, self-deprecation and understatement.

This performance is about the search for love, reconciled love. No matter where you sit on the sexual rainbow this is an emotionally, amusing and rewarding way to spent an hour.

A Very British Lesbian, Sportsman Room, Gilded Balloon Teviot, Gilded Balloon, 1.45pm

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