Fringe: High schools, musicals and acrobatics

Filament are a young troupe of talented dancers and acrobats – and they will get even better over time.

The performance is more acrobatic physical theatre than circus. The theme is ‘coming of age’, rather High School Musical in storyline.

The trials and tribulations of growing up are all there; geeky boy accepted into the gang, the stud is cast aside by the two competing beauties who cement their friendship in mutual denial… you know the story.

The choreography of the production is extremely skillful and effective. The infectious music tracks fits the dance routine and story perfectly, the acrobatics fit the narrative which is always difficult in this style of show.

Filament is designed to appeal to those who believed school should be like this, those that want it to be like this and that rare person where school is/was like this, that’s all of us really.

Think Grease and High School Musical with acrobatic acts thrown in. Enjoyable and uplifting.

Filament, Circus Hub – Lafayette. 5pm, Underbelly.

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