Fringe: Alzheimers and war in Ivory Wings

Ivory Wings is good drama – very good drama.

Ivory Wings is a sibling production from Susie and Anna Coreth. Susie is both the playwright and sole actor whilst Anna provides the music.

The underlying story is the therapeutic and beneficial effect music can have on Alzheimer sufferers.

Susie plays Virginia who at various stages of the production is an Alzheimer sufferer with limited ability to remember her past or arrange sequentially events in her life, but when she hears music and more specifically a particular tune Virginia is transported to her youth and in love with her future husband.

The play is set in the Second World War and Virginia is one of those incredible brave women of the ATA whose job it was to transport fighter planes around the UK for the RAF.

Susie with dexterity and theatrical skill moves from the Alzheimer sufferer to the vibrant youthful Virginia with the onset of each piano piece.

Her ability to switch character and dialogue delivery tempo between the two Virginias is a testament to hard work and is executed with great skill.

The script is cleverly interwoven portraying Virginia – in love, at war, in a home for Alzheimer sufferers, confused and when youthful, very lucid.

There were some empty seats at the performance and that’s not fair as this is a very good script, acted with skill and accompanied by a talented pianist. Go see for yourself.

Ivory Wings, Assembly Rooms, Front Room 11.50am.

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