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Vegan special bagels will keep Veganuary going

Veganuary is over but Bross Bagels have teamed up with Grams in Edinburgh to offer vegan specials for the month of February to promote veganism beyond January.

The vegan specials which are both £6 are available at Grams and all Bross Bagels shops in Edinburgh.

A lot of people did Veganuary and might be quite tickled with the idea of continuing on with this lifestyle choice – Grams and Bross Bagels offer a vegan menu all year round unlike some of the fast food chains who have suddenly jumped onto the new year marketing hype.

Grams are a health food cafe and meal prep service. They specialise in raw, vegan, clean, dairy free, gluten free refined sugar free cakes as well as a wide selection of healthy hot and cold fast food. Grams cakes are made with 100% natural ingredients.

Besides all of Bross Bagels in-house creations, using jackfruit and deep fried cauliflower, and the vegan meats from Sgaia and cheeses from Green vie that make up their popular vegan menu full of choices, they will be offering this collaboration with Grams, available in all Bross Bagel locations and Grams in Edinburgh throughout this month.

They have teamed up to create the chipotle vegan pulled pork bagel, with walnut meat and creamy cashew cheese sauce (Portpbello and West End are subbing Sgaia’s Pastramheat for the pork.

The B&G (available at Leith, Bruntsfield and Grams)

Chipotle pulled ‘pork’, Grams cashew ‘cheese’ sauce , slaw, spinach, walnut ‘meat’ , sprouts

The B&G (available at Portobello and the West End)

Sgaia’s Pastramheat, Grams cashew ‘cheese’ sauce , cherry vine tomatoes, slaw, spinach, walnut ‘meat’, sprouts.

Established in August 2017, owner of Bross Bagels, Larah Bross has set the bagel scene alight with her authentic Montreal style bagels here in Edinburgh. Organic and kosher, their bagels are home-made in their Bross Leith bakery and one of a kind in the city. With four shops in Edinburgh, they each offer their very own unique take on the wonderful world of the bagel with individual menus featuring favourites to cater for their bagel lovers throughout the city.

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