Vegan brownies set to take the festival by storm

Renowned Bross Bagels in Edinburgh have launched their brand new homemade vegan chocolate brownies to their menus in all Bross Bagel locations within the city.

They have also welcomed back their iced cold brews for the summer which might remain permanently too as they have been such a hit. This rich brew full of flavours is supplied to Bross Bagels by Union Coffee – a speciality coffee roaster based in East London.

Served in a compostable cup, poured over the world’s finest water frozen in to cubes produced by the The Edinburgh Ice Co – leading innovators in all things ice. This is then topped with the milk of your choice and even some Canadian maple syrup.

The vegan chocolate brownies are priced at £2.50 and will remain on all menus, available in all their shops.

The ice cold brews range from £2-£2.75.

Bross Bagels was established in August 2017 by Owner Larah Bross famous for her bagels worldwide. She has set the bagel scene alight with her authentic Montreal style bagels here in Edinburgh.

With three shops in Edinburgh and their very own Bross bakery, they each offer their very own unique take on the wonderful world of the bagel with individual menus featuring favourites to cater for their bagel lovers throughout the city.

Bross Bagels are set to become this year’s main food partner with the acclaimed Gilded Balloon at this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Larah has made a name for herself here before spreading her bagel love far and wide. This year, Bross Bagels will partner with Gilded Balloon to serve their bagels in the heart of Edinburgh’s Fringe.

Bross Bagels will house a container in the middle of all the festival action right at the top of south college street; outside one of Gilded Balloon’s largest venues in the museum. This site will open every day from 10am-1am throughout the fringe in August.

Bross Bagels will also be doing two further pop ups during this year’s festival – Gilded Balloon’s Rose Street Theatre cafe: 10am-3pm – serving a selection of their most popular signature bagels every day during the festival. Also Chambers Street Patter Hoose – Gilded Balloon’s newest fringe venue: 10am-3pm – also serving a selection of their most popular signature bagels every day throughout the festival.

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