The country’s favourite pancake toppings revealed

Shrove Tuesday here – and we hope you’ve got your batter, frying pan and amateur pancake flipping skills at the ready – but most importantly, the toppings.

Whether you like your pancakes smothered in Nutella, or you prefer the classic Lemon and Sugar, deciding can be a ‘toss up’ with so many toppings to choose from.

Luckily, the research team at SlotsUp have taken a deep dive into what pancakes us Brits love the most to help you decide.

With both sweet and savoury thrown into the mix, here are how the top 10 toppings ranked for popularity:

1. Nutella

Nutella is officially the nation’s favourite pancake topping. The versatile hazelnut spread can be used on toast, ice cream and of course – pancakes, so it’s no surprise us Brits can’t get enough. Why not spruce up your Nutella pancakes this year with a sprinkle of strawberries or bananas?

2. Lemon and Sugar

Lemon and sugar narrowly missed the top spot, but still remains a nation’s favourite, coming in second place. With its sweet and sour flavours combined, this timeless classic will definitely be a favourite for years to come.

3. Ham and cheese

Controversially, a savoury pancake is in the top three! Despite much debate, ham and cheese came in third place for the nation’s favourite pancake topping. If you can eat it on a pizza, then why not a pancake?

4. Cheese

Another savoury pancake topping the rankings – cheese came in fourth place for the nation’s favourite pancake topping. To add even more controversy, spice up your cheese pancake with a layer of marmite or branston pickle. However you have it, bring on the ultimate cheese pulls!

5. Golden syrup

Yet another timeless classic which, surprisingly, only came in fifth place. Golden syrup has been loved by many since 1883 and has become globally renowned as the world’s oldest branded food product – as well as a perfect pancake topping.

6. Biscoff

A topping which, in recent years, has grown in popularity and taken the world by storm, Lotus Biscoff came in sixth place. Heat in the microwave before topping to create a perfect sauce for drizzling. Or, add it on in spread form and watch the biscoff slowly melt; that’s if you can wait!

7. Ice cream

Pancakes and ice cream are always a winner, and it turns out the nation agrees, as it’s the seventh favourite pancake topping in the UK. If you’re making pancakes for all the family, ice cream pancakes will be a hit with everyone with so many flavours available.

8. Banoffee

Take two delicious food items and put them together to make the most mouthwatering flavour combination. Banoffee is the eighth favourite pancake topping in the UK and it’s no surprise, with toffee sauce complimenting banana perfectly. It counts as one of your 5-a-day, right?

9. Jam

If you fancy a change from jam on toast, why not give jam pancakes a try. Whether you’re a strawberry or blackberry, seeds or seedless, there are so many different jams to choose from to give your pancake that super sweet, fruity kick.

10. Sausage

Yes, you heard right! Sausage pancakes are a thing and also apparently in the top 10 of the nation’s favourite pancake topping. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, why not add a fried egg to create an all day breakfast pancake. Or, drizzle with maple syrup to create the perfect sweet and savoury combination.