The A-Z of whisky

Most of us want to come out of the lockdown having learned something, so if you’re embarrassed to admit that you have gone through almost two months without expanding your knowledge base, then look no further.

If you want a quickfire, easily digestible guide to the world of whisky, the inestimable Kirsty McKerrow has produced The A-Z of Scotch Whisky, a fantastic (and free!) online resource for anyone interested in the water of life.

So, if you think you know your enzymes from your esters, or simply want to separate the wort from the draff, this definition of 150 words that every Scotch Whisky lover needs to know from the co-founder of the Edinburgh Whisky Academy is a wonderful way to fast-track your whisky education.

From the raw materials to the production process and maturation, this 27-page glossary is illustrated and accessible, and is designed to help you decipher the sometimes mystifying language of Scotch.