You can’t beat natural flavours when you’re cooking at home

Scottish raspberry soufflé with salted chocolate sauce (Makes 8-10 large soufflé ramekins)

Ingredients Instructions
  • Soft butter and caster sugar to grease the ramekins
  • 1kg Scottish raspberry puree, reduced to 600g
  • 45g corn flour
  • 500ml milk
  • 125ml cream
  • 100g caster sugar
  • 2g salt
  • 200g 70% chocolate couverture
  • 300g egg whites
  • 150g caster sugar
  • Using a pastry brush, twice butter the ramekins and dust with caster sugar. Set aside for later. Place the reduced raspberry puree in a pan and place on a medium heat. Mix the cornflour with 45g of water to form a paste, and add the puree once it starts to boil.
  • Continue to boil for 2-3 minutes to thicken and cook the cornflour through. Pass through a fine sieve, onto a tray lined with clingfilm and allow to cool. Place the milk, cream, 100g caster sugar and salt in a pan and bring to the boil. Add the chocolate and mix. Pass through a fine sieve.
  • Put the egg whites in a bowl and mix on a high speed with a whisk. Add the sugar in 1/3 stages and continue to whisk to medium peaks. Place the soufflé base into a bowl and beat to loosen. Add a small amount of meringue and mix to combine. Add the remaining meringue and fold in to form your soufflé mixture.
  • Pipe the mixture into your buttered and sugared ramekins, and clean the edges. Place in the fridge for up to 24 hours before baking at 220°C for 8-10 minutes. Serve with chocolate sauce.