New partnership will boost Scottish seafood

Seafood Scotland has committed to a year-long partnership with Scottish Chefs in a collaborative programme worth over £10,000 – the first of its kind between the two organisations.

Having delivered various ad hoc activities over the past 10 years, both organisations wished to expand and develop a deeper and more demanding plan together.

The partnership will deliver greater potential for both industries and highlights the strength of collaboration happening within the food industry, up and down the supply chain.

Using the national Seafood from Scotland brand, the partnership is a crucial component within Seafood Scotland’s work programme, supporting promotion of Scottish seafood at home. Activity will involve talking to hundreds of chefs, education through ‘how-to videos’, providing seafood to five key Scottish chef events including two global competitions (the Culinary Olympics and the Global Chefs Challenge) as well as a raft of other handpicked complementary tactics.

Scottish Chefs have over 250 members and a strong national chef network with a highly respected reputation. Its mission is to promote excellence in all areas of the industry in Scotland. The federation is an active member of the World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS).

Together they will work to promote Scottish seafood species, in turn supporting producers and fishermen, and building a world class reputation as a country with outstanding seafood and excellence in cooking.

Clare Dean, trade marketing manager at Seafood Scotland, said: ‘Seafood Scotland is delighted to be working with so many fantastic chefs to ensure that our high-quality reputation resonates from sea to plate within Scotland’s Land of Food and Drink.

‘The partnership with Scottish Chefs supports one of the final and most vital stages in the supply chain – putting Scotland’s larder onto plate. They are well-recognised within the chef community holding vital links to both training and working chefs across Scotland. This partnership will directly support the prevalence of Scottish seafood on menus across the foodservice sector to our closest market, right here at home.’

Kevin MacGillivray, president of the Scottish Chefs, said: ‘Scottish Chefs is delighted with the huge commitment that Seafood Scotland have shown and as always, we are very proud to be able to showcase Scotland’s world class seafood on the global culinary stage. We hope this will encourage more food and drink organisations to see the benefits in supporting not only Scottish chefs but the Scottish Culinary team.’

Seafood Scotland’s sponsorship of Scottish Chefs comes through Connect Local, a Scottish initiative that aims to strengthen the local food and drink economy, including the seafood supply chain.

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