Erica Moore, founder of Eteaket (Photo: Helen Pugh)
Erica Moore, founder of Eteaket (Photo: Helen Pugh)

New healthy drink as as easy as one, two, tea

A Scottish independent whole leaf tea company has launched an innovative tea in celebration of its’ 10 year anniversary.

Eteaket, based in Edinburgh and founded by leaf tea expert Erica Moore, is a pioneering collaboration with Scottish Mara Seaweed, which sees the two women-led companies fuse their expertise into Celtic Kombu Matcha, a new Matcha tea set to cause a storm in the drinks industry for its myriad of potential super-food benefits.

Celtic Kombu Matcha is a fusion of eteaket’s Japanese Ceremonial Grade Mighty Matcha tea and Mara Seaweed’s sustainable wild-harvested Kombu Kelp from the deep sea around Scotland.

The aim of the collaboration was to produce a unique tea at the forefront of eteaket’s ethos – to innovate and ignite the tea industry.
Eteaket has been ethically sourcing and blending teas since it was founded in 2008 by Erica Moore, who travels the world visiting tea gardens to source and provide the highest quality, award-winning whole leaf tea.

Mara Seaweed is the UK’s most innovative seaweed brand which was grown from two mums’ passion to bring Scotland’s ancient forgotten foods back onto the menu in 2011.

Erica Moore, founder of Eteaket (Photo: Helen Pugh)

CEO Fiona Houston has been pioneering development and creating an immense value to Scotland’s local seaweeds ever since. Mara’s award-winning range of seaweed seasonings and ingredients are now sold out throughout the UK and worldwide.

Matcha is stone-ground powdered green tea leaf, known to be part of a ritual by Zen Buddhists, documented as early as the 12th century. It is reportedly naturally high in flavonoids and catechins – which are thought to have a positive effect on the body through their apparent anti-oxidant effect. Matcha gives drinkers a steady release of energy thanks to the L-theanine amino acid it contains.

Kombu has long been the food of Emperors in Japan who have understood the huge range of health benefits of its nutrient and mineral content. Tests show that it is high in iodine, magnesium, potassium, manganese, zinc and fibre. Kombu is also a source of protein which is great news for vegans and vegetarians.

Celtic Kombu Matcha can be enjoyed ‘Straight Up’ with hot water, as a tea latte or a ‘Superfood Shake’.

Fiona said: ‘At Mara, we lovingly curate our Kombu Kelp in line with ancient Japanese traditions, to bring out all the umami flavours and nutrients. Combined with eteaket’s painstakingly sourced Matcha, it’s a true Asian-Scottish infusion.’

Erica added: ‘Eteaket is about more than tea. We create our innovative blends and brewing methods to inspire and enrich the moments taken out of a day. Our Celtic Kombu Matcha is launched for our 10 year anniversary to celebrate just that. We encourage vitality and energy for life – the heart of eteaket is to remember to live life on purpose.’