Lindores Abbey launch charity cask to raise money for Australian wildfire victims

Lindores Abbey Distillery will auction one of its exclusive Australian casks to raise money for the victims of the devastating Australian wild fires.

The cask, a 300L LPA American Hogshead, was previously filled with Australian De B ortoli 15 y/o Muscat and will be auctioned online through Whisky Auctioneer who have generously waived their selling fees to support the charity. The auction opens on 28th February and runs for 11 days, with bids accepted until 9th March.

The cask has been generously donated by Nebb Whisky Barrels, an Australian company which sources casks from the best wine producers in Australia, many of whom have had their businesses ravaged by the flames. Wine contributes a gross value of $5.9B to its Australia’s GDP, so these losses will be keenly felt.

The winning bidder will be able to fill the cask themselves at Lindores Abbey Distillery, and enjoy a behind-the-scenes tour with our Distillery Manager, Gary Haggart.

All profits from the sale of the cask will be directly donated to two charities: the SA Bushfire Appeal and the Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal. Many major wine growing regions of Australia have been affected by the fires, including Adelaide Hill, Cudlee Creek and Kangaroo Islands. As well as businesses, both human and animal lives have been destroyed by the blazes: some 30,000 koalas have been killed, enough to possibly render them an endangered species.

Drew McKenzie Smith, commented: ‘We have been horrified by the images of devastation coming from Australia. We have many Australian members of our Preservation Society who kindly contribute to the upkeep and conservation of our Abbey and its natural surroundings, so we feel compelled to do the same for them in their country’s time of need.’

Ian McClune, the founder of Whisky Auctioneer, added: ‘We very much appreciate Lindores Abbey distillery asking us to assist with the auction of this cask for charity. We have many customers in Australia and this is at least a small thing that we can do from afar to help the communities and wildlife that have been impacted by the destructive bushfires. Lindores Abbey distillery is one of Scotland’s most exciting and innovative new distilleries and we are delighted to offer this unique opportunity to purchase an Australian De Bortoli 15 y/o Muscat cask and handfill it with new make spirit.’

For more information on the auction process, to register to bid and for full T&Cs, please visit the Whisky Auctioneer website