5 Chocolate Severed Fingers, 80g £3

Have a terrifyingly tasty Halloween thanks to M&S

It’s no secret that I absolutely LOVE Halloween. 

A huge horror and Sci-fi fan, I’ve always been intrigued by the ghoulish and sinister and with a bloody history such as Scotland’s, it’s the perfect place to be on All Hallow’s Eve.

Whether you’re throwing a spooky get together or attending one tomorrow, you’ll want to consider buying some terrifying treats for the occasion.

The Scottish Field team were lucky to receive a wee Halloween hamper from M & S   which was filled with all sorts of goodies!

We tucked into the Oozing Skulls which were in fact jellies filled with strawberry gruesome goo, Creepy Peepers – solid chocolate eyeballs, blackcurrant & cola flavoured fizzy whizzy bat wings, Count Colin the Caterpillar fruit gums and to everyone’s horror/delight 5 severed chocolate fingers.


The fizzy whizzy wings were a firm favourite of mine, packing a nice wee sour punch and of course, the chocolate eyeballs and lollies went down very well. A bloody battle of rock, paper, scissors was used to determined the lucky lolly winners.



If you’re looking for something hot and more substantial there’s also a multitude of malevolent products to choose from including a meatloaf mummy, bubbling cheese cauldron and pigs in bandages.

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