DUNKELD, UK - 2021:  Strathmore Foods, one of UK???s leading ready meal manufacturers, is launching a new brand of venison ready meals, Findowie Farmhouse.  The brand is named after the farm where the venison for these products is reared ??? Meikle Findowie, near Dunkeld in Perthshire. This farm is owned and operated by the Nisbet family who own and run Strathmore Foods. Pictured Colin Nisbet - Founder, with daughter Julie Nisbet - Managing Director and son Douglas Nisbet - Operations Director. (Photograph: MAVERICK PHOTO AGENCY)

Findowie Farmhouse launch Scots venison ready meals

One of Scotland’s biggest food producers is on a mission to put venison on the menu in 2022.

Findowie Farmhouse have laid out a guide to the health and environmental benefits of their prime ingredient – Scottish venison – to encourage more Scots to give it a try this year.

The family behind Findowie Farmhouse, a delicious new range of four venison ready meals, which are sourced, made and sold right here in Scotland, believe that if people try swapping out one of their weekly meat meals for a venison meal, they won’t look back.

As Scots think about the positive changes they can make for their health at the start of the new year, founders Colin, Julie and Douglas Nisbet want to raise awareness of venison as a great tasting, sustainable and highly nutritious meat – perfect for anyone who is stuck in a rut with their weekly menu or looking to make healthier and more sustainable choices.

Strathmore Foods has launched a brand of venison ready meals, Findowie Farmhouse (Photograph: Maverick Photo Agency

Their Findowie Farmhouse ready to eat Lasagne, Chilli, Cottage Pie, and Chausseur, champion Scottish produce and Venison as an every-day meal, challenging perceptions that venison is a meat reserved for fine dining and ready meals are full of additives and preservatives.

Here are Colin, Julie and Douglas’ top five reasons to add more venison to your weekly meal plan.

1. Sustainable

‘It’s important to know where our food is coming from and what its impact is on the planet to get it to your fork. The venison in our meals is sourced right here in Scotland. It isn’t intensively farmed, and like the deer we rear at our family’s Farm (Mikle Findowie), it is ethically produced in large open fields with no damage done to the environment.’

2. Quality

‘Our nation really is world class when it comes to the food products we produce. With venison, you’re getting great quality and taste, and the knowledge that your food hasn’t travelled far to get from ‘farm to fork’. At Findowie, our traditional family recipes are made using only the finest Scottish ingredients (Where possible) with no added preservatives, flavourings or anything else! Making meals just like you would at home is at the heart of everything we do.’

3. Healthy

‘Everyone producing venison needs to shout louder about its health benefits – It’s a fantastic food for us! It’s high in protein, low in fat, with fewer calories than most other red meats. It’s low in sodium and super rich in vitamins and minerals, including the B vitamins, iron, potassium and zinc.’

4. Great taste

‘There are lots of myths out there when it comes to venison (and ready meals), but the reality is that it’s an absolutely delicious tasting meat,and our meals are delicious too.. With Findowie Farmhouse, the wonderful flavours of venison shine through in meals that are all firm family favourites. Some of our team think they taste even better than the original versions made with beef.’

5. Good value

‘Another myth about venison is that it’s expensive, when in fact is, it’s not. We are on a mission to make venison more accessible and a staple of Scotland’s diet. Our meals RRP at £3.50 making them no more expensive than a Tesco finest meal. We’ve made sure that these are high quality meals that are affordable and can be enjoyed by everyone.’

To find out more, visit www.findowiefarmhouse.com