Bross Bagels

Famous Scottish bagels going all over the UK

Bagel lovers can rejoice – they can now take their favourite authentic Montreal -style bagels home.

You can now slice and freeze your very own Bross Bagels to enjoy in the comfort of your own home and pop them in the toaster whenever you are craving a Montreal style dough bagel with your desired filling.

Organic and kosher, their bagels are home-made in their Bross Leith bakery and one of a kind in the city.

Perfect to slice freeze and toast – a bag of the famous bagels will be priced at £7 for 10.

Their freezer bags are designed to be reused for years and if you bring them back to any Bross Bagel location to refill they will give you 25p off your next batch.

As always you can pick up your freshly baked half dozens and dozens from their very own Bross bakery in Leith and pick up their pre-sliced bags of 10 – ideal for freezing and toasting from their Portobello and West End locations in the city.

You can also order your bagels from renowned Bross Bagels for delivery across the UK, or for local pick up.

Choose when you would like your bagels and they will make sure they arrive fresh at your door and these range from £9.50-19.00. All of their bagels are suitable for freezing, so you can have your own ready supply.

Visit for more details.

Meanwhile, Bross Bagels have teamed up with Uber Eats and delighted to announce their collaboration.

Officially launched on Wednesday earlier this month, Bross Bagels fans will now be able to fill their holes at home.

They are available only from their West End shop seven days a week 11am-6pm from HERE.

Bross Bagels was established in August 2017 by owner Larah Bross. She has set the bagel scene alight with her authentic Montreal style bagels in Edinburgh.

Larah comes from Montreal; the bagel capital of the world that always gets overlooked by the other bagel city, New York.

Instead of complaining about the lack of bagels this country has to offer – she decided to do something about it! By working closely with Debra from Breadshare, Bross Bagels aims to bring authentic bagels to Edinburgh and beyond.

Their rustic bagels will be available to buy by the dozen or filled with some NY deli inspired fillings.

The seventh annual Observer Food Monthly Top 50 recently revealed their annual celebration of ‘everything we love in the world of food right now.’ Bross Bagels featured at No 10.