Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival in style

Scottish Chinese restaurant Lychee Oriental in Glasgow is celebrating the annual Mid-Autumn Festival – one of the most important dates in Chinese culture – with a new dedicated five course menu.

This September, people around the world will celebrate China’s Mid-Autumn Festival, or Moon Festival.

As the last days of late summer fade and the leaves on the chestnut trees begin to turn a golden brown, families come together in the cool, crisp air to enjoy a feast under the glow of the full moon.

Red lanterns strung with riddles dance in tree branches, while the sweet fragrance of osmanthus flowers wafts through the evening air.

To celebrate, Lychee Oriental Head Chef, Jimmy Lee has created an impressive five-dish Chinese Moon Festival menu.

If all that sounds dizzyingly picturesque, then you have the right idea. At Lychee Oriental from September 25 to October 25 2018, the Chinese Moon Festival menu will emphasize the bounty of fall’s harvest—pumpkin, chestnuts, taro, persimmons, sweet potato, walnuts, and mushrooms figure centrally in most meals, along with traditional celebratory foods like crab, pork, and duck.

Chef Jimmy Lee’s feast also heavily feature round foods like mooncakes, a nod to the full moon’s representation of unity and togetherness for families.

The gastronomic five course menu priced at £30 per person includes, Ginger Broth Congee, Crispy Wontons with Soy Butter Dip, Five Spice Beef Flank Stew with Pak Choi and Steamed Rice, Hong Kong Peanut Butter French Toast with Banana Fritter and finally, Chinese Tea served with traditional Mooncake.

Chef Jimmy said: ‘Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the most important dates in Chinese culture, falling on the 15th day of the eighth month of the lunar calendar during a full moon (Tuesday 25 this year), and an important time for families to be reunited.

‘Our special celebration menu at Lychee Oriental is unique and available for a limited time only and includes moon-cake, traditionally given at Mid-Autumn Festival to honour the moon.’

To make a reservation and to book now, visit www.lycheeoriental.co.uk – bookings must be made in advance and are not available on Saturdays. A vegetarian option is also available.