BrewDog unleashes new spirit – Rogue Wave vodka

BrewDog Distilling Co has released the latest in its hand-crafted spirits – Rogue Wave vodka.

It joins a portfolio of spirits produced by BrewDog, going from grain to glass in one location in Aberdeenshire.

A single malt vodka made from malted barley, malted wheat and ale yeast, Rogue Wave is distilled by passing vapour through the world’s first triple-bubble copper pot still, before it hits a 19-metre rectification column – the higher it goes, the purer it gets.

A tribute to Alex, the cousin of BrewDog founder James Watt, who lost his arm in a fishing accident in the North Sea, Rogue Wave is crisp and clean, with subtle notes of icing sugar and vanilla.

RRP £22, available from Amazon, and all UK BrewDog bars.