A spooktacular celebration with help from M&S

When someone says “grow up and act your age” I strongly believe you should ignore them.

It’s why as soon as October arrived, my flat was adorned with pumpkin, skeleton and spider bunting and a witch piñata full of sweets awaited trial. I’ve always loved Halloween; dressing up, ghoulish games, watching classic horrors with popcorn, the excuse to eat lots of tasty treats, it’s great fun.

When I saw M&S had released their Halloween range, I was very excited to try it out. Unfortunately plans for a spooky party with friends went out the window due to Covid-19 but – with fun and frivolity very much needed right now – we decided to throw a party just for us.

Using a mixture of my own things and goodies from M&S we laid out a frightful feast and enjoyed an evening that was devilishly fun.

A table of treats rather than tricks: spooky chocolate lollies, severed fingers, cheesy vampire fangs Frankencolin and gruesome sweets.

If you’re really keen to make a statement with a dish on your Halloween dinner table, there’s the Mummy Meatloaf and Eyeball pizza, burgers or toffee apple bangers. There’s a lot to choose from and to make sure you’ve enough to feed a ravenous monster, there’s a 3 for £10 deal on all Halloween meals and desserts.

A burger that says Boo!

Of course, no party is complete without the tipples and while we opted for some fizz – to make it extra creepy you could add a few drops of Dracula’s blood high juice or simply add it to water (fizzy or otherwise) so the kiddos and non-drinkers can enjoy. Their range of cups and straws were also a fun addition and an easy way to build on the theme, as they were adorned with things like ‘witches brew’ and ‘werewolf elixir’.

More fruit and less iron than the real stuff but just as good.

The chocolate severed fingers were one of my favourites. They taste great too and would make a really gory decoration to a creepy cake or dessert.

Colin the Caterpillar’s equivalent to Uncle Fester made an appearance on our table in the form of Frankencolin! The chocolate bolts and green face were the perfect touch and like his warm blooded nephew, he was delicious.

Frankencolin is perfectly petrifying.

With it just being the two of us we couldn’t (as much we wanted to) sample everything but for bigger families, there’s a lot to tuck your fangs into. Hopefully by this time next year – and no doubt with a few additions to the M&S range – we can go wilder than a werewolf and throw the kind of party that’s worthy of a graveyard smash.

2020 has become the year of cancelled/changed plans but why not throw your own frightful fiesta this weekend?

Just be aware of leaving Frankencolin unattended when you go to sleep at night, he might make a break for it…

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