The Traveller.
The Traveller.

Glasses half full

Purdey, manufacturers of the finest shotguns and rifles since 1814 and high-quality clothing since 1974, have launched an exclusive limited-edition collection of sunglasses. The four beautifully designed sunglasses have, say Purdey, been named to encapsulate the spirit of travel and adventure: the Weekender, Keeper, Traveller and Sportsman.

Each pair is handcrafted from buffalo horn or titanium, and engraved with a unique Purdey serial number as with all our shotguns and luggage. The Weekender are handmade in Italy and are a twist on the iconic wayfarer. The tortoiseshell and titanium Keeper are handmade in Japan and have chequered end pieces and side lock shaped ends on the bridge. The Traveller are handmade in Japan and are a quintessential aviator with a titanium frame and discreet walnut brow taken from stock blanks. The strong, versatile and practical Sportsman, also made in Japan, are technically advanced sunglasses made for the shooting or sporting enthusiast, with three sets of interchangeable lenses.

The Traveller.

For the competitive shot, these raise the bar in terms of performance, with their anti-reflective lens coating to improve vision and reduce strain, while keeping fog, dirt, grime and water off the lens. All have Zeiss polarised lenses, the most durable and technically advanced lenses available.