Beira awakes to create a timeless collection

In a world of throwaway, fast fashion, overflowing landfills and climate change the fashion industry needs a reawakening.

Enter Beira, a new slow fashion brand that has just launched in Edinburgh. Using Italian craftsmanship and the finest materials, Beira creates limited edition, timeless womenswear.

Flavio Forlani, the owner of luxury Italian clothing manufacturer, La Rocca was increasingly concerned about fabric waste in the fashion industry and wanted to minimise his impact on the planet. Creating limited edition products enables him to use up fabric that would otherwise have gone to waste. Beira has adopted a transparent pricing strategy so that consumers know exactly what they are paying for when they buy an item of clothing.

The creator of the brand, Dr Antoinette Fionda-Douglas has long been inspired by Scottish Folklore and has named her label after the Mother of all the Gods and Goddesses and the Goddess of Winter. The Dark Queen was said to be a complex character, a creator and destroyer who could see the oneness of all beings.

‘For us, Beira is an inspirational character and elements of her story have similarities with the fashion industry today. Fashion is an incredible creator but sadly it is also a destroyer of our environment. Our brand aims to explore and devise better means of creating,’ says Antoinette.

Inspired by the craftsmanship of Italy and the folklore of Beira in Scotland, the collection is curated by Antoinette and expertly crafted in Italy by Flavio. The clothes are designed and produced with a focus on a cohesive approach to slow fashion.

The collection includes exquisite wool coats, functional, yet feminine jackets and coats and cashmere sweaters.  Each piece will only ever be produced in a short run, turning the waste form the fashion industry into classic investment pieces that will last a lifetime.