Show jumper Alex Barr is back in the saddle

Not one to let a riding accident dampen his spirits, top show jumper Alex Barr is still intent on fulfilling his equestrian ambitions.

Back in 2012, a nasty fall left Alex, one of the country’s top show jumpers, in bed with two fractured vertebrae and a lot to think about.

He says: ‘I was riding a young horse at a show and then he just didn’t put his landing gear out.’

The horse rolled, leaving him badly hurt and grounded for four months. It was a painful and frustrating time. But it gave me time to think.’
Now aged 34, Alex is a securely established figure on the national and international show jumping scene, although he has one major unrealised ambition: to be selected for a Nations Cup squad.

Photos by Angus Blackburn.

Read the full story in the latest issue of EQY Magazine, which comes with the July 2018 edition of Scottish Field.

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