Strathallan students face pandemic to create sculpture

Sixth form students at Strathallan School in Perthshire have put a face on the pandemic.

They have created a clay face-mask symbolising the range of emotions felt during the national lockdowns.

Currently on display in the school’s Art Department, the piece called Faces of the Pandemic took four weeks to create, with over seven students contributing to the striking project.

Two students involved in creating the sculpture were Art Scholars Isobel Wake and Issy Williams.

Isobel Wake, from Perth in Australia, said: ‘It’s important to create art about the pandemic. It reminds us of the shared experience we all faced and can serve as a reminder of how quickly things can change.’

Faces of the Pandemic (Photo: Frank Glancy/Strathallan School)

Issy Williams from Largo, added: ‘Contributing to the sculpture made me realise how many emotions everyone had to endure during the lockdowns. I realised during the process that there’s a lot of anger, loneliness and sadness that come up when the younger generations discuss the pandemic and it’s important to share this perspective.’

Head of Art at Strathallan School, Frank Glancy said: ‘I’m incredibly impressed by the range of emotions and skill our A Level group has shown in creating this together. There’s a beautiful irony in how close the wee faces are on the mask given how much distance we’ve all had to adapt to.’