Gordonstoun plans to open a school in China

Gordonstoun has announced that it has reached an agreement for the first Gordonstoun School in China as part of a long-term multi school agreement.

The first campus is expected to open in 2022.

The Principal of Gordonstoun, Lisa Kerr, said: ‘Gordonstoun has been leading the way in character education since its foundation by visionary educationalist Kurt Hahn in 1934 and has always been an outward-looking school, building understanding and tolerance between people from diverse backgrounds.

‘Having been the birthplace of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and the Round Square Conference of Schools, this agreement cements Gordonstoun’s commitment to growing further the international reach and impact of our unique educational ethos.

‘We have chosen to work with Hampton Group, specialists in fostering closer bonds between the UK and China. The location of the first school will be announced soon and will be chosen to enable access to green spaces and the sea, both key features of a Gordonstoun education.’

The schools in China will combine the Chinese academic curriculum within key elements of the Gordonstoun approach to character education, developing students’ life skills of resilience, leadership, teamwork and compassion.

Like Gordonstoun in Moray, the Gordonstoun schools in China will charge fees but a significant number of bursaries will be available in order to offer life-changing opportunities to children from the most under-privileged backgrounds.

Gordonstoun,an independent boarding school, was established in Moray in 1934 by Dr Kurt Hahn, a Jewish exile who fled Nazi Germany.  He founded the school with the ideal of developing better world citizens equipped to contribute to society. Dr Kurt Hahn was the driving force behind the Outward Bound Movement and the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

Gordonstoun has for more than 80 years, been leading the way in character education. Research by Edinburgh University found that 94% of the Gordonstoun former students, they surveyed, said the out of classroom challenges they experienced at the school had a positive impact on their personal growth and development.

Three generations of British royalty have been educated at Gordonstoun, including HRH The Duke of Edinburgh, HRH The Prince of Wales and the children of the current Warden of Gordonstoun, HRH The Princess Royal.

For more information, visit https://gordonstoun.org.uk/