Wagyu burgers are a decadent delight at Chateau-X

Burger and chips is a combination that’s as old as the hills, and a favourite with people, young and old.

Glasgow’s hot new restaurant Chateau-X has become known for its steaks since opening before Christmas, but has enhanced its menu with a new weekly special available on Saturdays and Sundays only.

Burger and chips is a perennial favourite, for people on all budgets. A certain Scottish-sounding fast food restaurant, or indeed one that regards itself as regal, have cheaper and more expensive burgers on their menus. Then, there’s more upmarket burgers provided at places such as a quintet of gentlemen or somewhere named after a poet of Scots ancestry born in the late 18th century.

However, Chateau-X has put a twist on this and raises the stakes – or is it steaks? – as it has created a new Wagyu burger, which pays homage to the hamburger but with a twist. For the uninitiated, Wagyu is one of any of the four Japanese breeds of beef cattle.It is renowned for its copious marbling, which creates a luxurious, buttery tenderness unlike any other cut of beef. As a result, Wagyu is among the most sought-after and luxurious meats in the world.

And, as someone who’s had a love of hamburgers and chips since his first visit to a Scots-sounding restaurant at the age of 12 in 1986 in York, I couldn’t wait to sample the Chateau-X take.

Chateau-X is a restaurant that has an unpretentious appearance, almost appearing to be unfinished in its wall decoration, but it lulls the diner into a sense of homely security, without pretentious over the top fixtures and fittings. There’s stylish dark wood tables and chairs, and a bar at the far end, but there’s very much a comfortable feel to the eaterie.

The salt and chilli fries

Our server took our orders, and informed us that the accompanying fries on offer each weekend vary depending on who is the chef. At the time of our visit last weekend, we were offered salt and chilli fries, which had the feel of a Chinese flavouring. The chilli wasn’t too overpowering – thankfully, for my delicate palate – and the fries were well cooked, without being overdone.

My dining companion chose another topping, of lemon and parmesan, which was a pleasant and gentle topping, perhaps almost echoing the chip shop favourite of chips and cheese. The parmesan gratings melted beautifully over the fries, and the lemon flavour was tasty, without being too strong.

Our junior diner, with her fussy palate, opted for straightforward chips, which she demolished before she’d even start on her burger. That tells you all you need to know about the potato part of the meal!

We all had the same Wagyu burgers. Each burger is served on a brioche bun, smothered in smoked cheddar and bacon, with piquant dill pickle, lettuce and a thick slice of tomato, all sat on a coleslaw base, with a zesty house relish.

The Wagyu burger at Chateau-X, with parmesan and lemon fries

I dissected my burger, removing many of the extras, so I could sample the flavour of the beef Wagyu on its own. And it was such a rewarding experience – my first bite saw the juices from the meat flood into my mouth, and I could taste that this was no standard piece of meat. It’s got a wonderful, distinctive flavour, very different from Scotch beef, and

The brioche bun was lovely and buttery, and all of the accompanying toppings worked in harmony with one another. I’m not someone who normally enjoys coleslaw, but the small amount on the base bun was just there to provide a splendid variation in texture, putting in a little bit of crunch to contrast with the soft burger and bun.

My companion was as equally as impressed with her burger. This was her first experience of Wagyu too, and she could tell that this was something rather special.

And the junior diner quickly demolished hers, just leaving some of the bun, because she’d filled up.

Ice creams at Chateau-X

For dessert, our server offered us ice creams, with a drizzle of chocolate sauce on top, which we swithered about, before deciding to accept.

We expected to be given ice cream, in a bowl, with a spoon, so we were pleasantly surprised when he returned holding three wafer cones, each filled to the very bottom, with a wonderful tasty vanilla ice cream. These didn’t last long – a real surprise, and the perfect way to finish off our meal.

If your mind tells you that a burger and chips is something that’s a cheap and nasty meal, then you need to try this. Chateau-X will definitely make you think again.

The new Chateau-X special menu will run every Saturday and Sunday and is subject to availability, costing £30 for two Wagyu burgers, served with hand cut rooster fries.

Chateau X, 10 Claremont St, Finnieston, Glasgow G3 7HA

0141 486 7666