Youth company to present its first live production

Dundee Rep Young Company is extremely excited to present its first live theatre production – OPTIMISM.

Directed by Jess Thorpe and Tashi Gore, Dundee Rep’s associate directors, the Young Company devised the show based on the Company members’ personal experiences.

Perfectly capturing the zeitgeist and exploring themes such as the global pandemic, Brexit, social media, financial crisis – and their impact on young people’s mental health – OPTIMISM offers a different perspective on our collective future to the one dominating media, one that is full of hope, despite the odds.

It is about young people refusing to accept the bleak status quo and their own ideas for how to improve it.

Dundee Rep Young Company in rehearsals (Photo: Lydia Smith)

OPTIMISM is set to be not only an important contribution to the vibrant UK theatre scene but also a vital platform for young people in Scotland to express their ideas and preoccupations, being a voice of a generation – strong, creative, challenging and funny.

The show is also significant in that it is the first time that Jess Thorpe and Tashi Gore will present a live show since they joined the creative leadership at Dundee Rep and Scottish Dance Theatre two years ago. Prior to arriving at the Company, the pair were founders and co-directors of the award winning Scottish young company Junction 25 – winners of the acclaimed CATS Whiskers Award for an outstanding achievement in pioneering and high-quality work by young people.

OPTIMISM will be performed on Friday, 26 March at 7.30pm, and on Saturday, 27 March at 2.30pm and 7.30pm

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