Swan Lake and Giselle come direct from Siberia

The Russian State Ballet and Orchestra of Siberia are bringing some cold comfort to Scotland.

Performed by The Russian State Ballet of Siberia and accompanied by The Orchestra of the Russian State Ballet will perform Giselle and Swan Lake when they play at the Edinburgh Playhouse.

On 7 March next year, they will perform Giselle at 7.30pm, and on 8-9 March, it will be Swan Lake on the Friday at 7.30pm, then on Saturday at 2.30pm and 7.30pm.

This is part of a 23-venue schedule, on the company’s 17th UK tour.

The Russian State Ballet of Siberia has established itself as one of Russia’s leading ballet companies and has built an international reputation for delivering performances of outstanding quality and depth.

The soloists and corps de ballet are exceptional, delighting audiences with their breath-taking physical ability and beautiful costumes as each storyline unfolds to the live accompaniment of the orchestra. The company comprises over 40 dancers and 30 musicians.

The productions merge traditional and digital worlds with an imaginative staging set against an ever-changing colourful backdrop with magical special effects.

Artistic director, Sergei Bobrov said: ‘We very much look forward to our annual UK tour. With a full company of dancers as well as highly skilled musicians performing some classic scores, it is very special to have the power of a symphony orchestra bringing the choreography to life on stage which I believe will leave a wonderful impression in the minds of the audience.

‘It is always a pleasure to bring the unique traditions of Russian Ballet to the British public.’
Giselle is the most poignant of all classical ballets is filled with dramatic passion in a chilling and heart-rending tale of love, treachery and forgiveness from beyond the grave. The moving story of delicate Giselle and her aristocratic but duplicitous lover Albrecht is set to a glorious score. From the visual splendour of the rustic villagers happily gathering the harvest at the start of the story to the eerie moonlit forest haunted by beautifully drifting spirits, this production is unforgettable.

Swan Lake is the greatest romantic ballet of all time, and is brought to life by Tchaikovsky’s haunting and unforgettable score. From the impressive splendour of the Palace ballroom to the moon-lit lake where swans glide in perfect formation, this compelling tale of tragic romance has it all. From Odile, the temptress in black tutu as she seduces the Prince by spinning with captivating precision to the spellbound purity of the swan queen, Odette, as she flutters with emotional intensity, the dual role of Odette/Odile is one of ballet’s most unmissable technical challenges.

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