Scotland’s most remote nightclub to open in Ullapool

Scotland’s most remote nightclub is set to open in Ullapool.

The new community-centric club night series, baile/baile, will take place at The Ceilidh Place Venue, a 100-capacity music venue in the heart of the village.

The first club night in the series takes place on 4 November.

Set up by Ullapool local, 27-year-old Sigi Whittle, baile/baile will launch initially as a series of four parties, inviting nationally and internationally renowned DJs and producers.

Sigi will be returning to the Highlands to co-host the series with friend Jemima Fasakin, as well as performing as baile/baile’s resident DJs. 

The pair have also commissioned fellow Highlander Maddie Lennon to create posters and other visual works which will showcase each event.

Ullapool Harbour. Credit: Kenny Lam

baile/baile will initially run through the winter months – while the Highlands’ tourism industry decreases – providing much needed entertainment for locals.

Alongside bringing internationally acclaimed artists to the Highlands, the night will provide a platform for local DJs to perform.

Each of the four parties will showcase at least one act from the north of Scotland. 

‘Ullapool – and the Highlands as a whole – lacks late night and evening events that cater to a younger crowd,’ said Sigi.

‘Having grown up in the rural Highlands, it has become apparent that many people have limited exposure to music and dance that strays beyond the traditional. 

‘Often young people seek these experiences further afield at festivals and on nights out in cities. 

‘baile/baile aims to invert this relationship and promote local events which draw from Scottish talent. 

‘The club night will act as a medium of exchange where locals can share in the joys of electronic music and dance, and visiting DJs can experience the potential of Ullapool and the Highlands beyond.’

Kevin Peach, chief executive of the Ullapool Harbour Trust, who helped set up the venture, said: ‘Ullapool Harbour Trust are delighted to provide start-up funding for the launch of baile/baile this winter. 

‘This new and exciting project will engage the local community and enhance the offering that Ullapool has for its young people.’

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