Mòd 2021’s £1.2m boost to Inverness and the Highlands

The Royal National Mòd 2021 generated £1.2m for the economy in Inverness and the Highland Council area, as well as providing a huge social and cultural boost.

The 129-year-old event, which took place at Eden Court Theatre from October 8 to 16, celebrated Gaelic language and culture, featuring a variety of incredible competitions, performances and cultural activities, with 2,840 in-person attendees providing an economic uplift that helped support around 14 FTE jobs.

The national festival, organised by An Comunn Gàidhealach, elevated Inverness’ tourism and hospitality sector during a quieter month in 2021, after the industry faced a difficult year due to COVID. Participants surveyed were also found to be highly likely to revisit Inverness in the future.

The festival took a hybrid approach in 2021, with events taking place in-person and online. The online programme proved hugely successful, as all participants welcomed the approach and it was shown to help people overcome mental health issues brought on by lockdown.

Scotland’s premier Gaelic festival also strongly supported the development of Gaelic language and culture and overcame isolation caused by COVID restrictions. As well as being able to interact with fellow Gaelic speakers, learners and enthusiasts, attendees were able to reconnect with friends and family, bringing a huge morale boost to those isolated during lockdown.

Allan Campbell, An Comunn Gaidhealach President, said: ‘We are delighted that the 2021 Royal National Mòd has given the economy of Inverness and the surrounding area a significant boost in what was a difficult year for tourism in the city. It is especially gratifying because we were not certain until August if the Mòd could take place on a face-to-face basis.

‘We are also absolutely delighted that the Mòd has played a crucial role in helping to offset the negative aspects of social isolation and some of the mental challenges caused by lockdown.

‘We have seen yet again that having an online element is highly valued by participants and it has now become a permanent part of the overall programme, building on our experiences of 2020 and 2021.

‘An Comunn congratulates all participants and organisers in making the 2021 Royal National Mòd a great success. We very much hope that the Mòd in Perth in 2022 can go ahead in full.’

Paul Bush OBE, VisitScotland’s Director of Events, said: ‘We were delighted to support the Royal National Mòd through Scotland’s Events Recovery Fund, established by EventScotland in conjunction with funding from the Scottish Government. The Mòd shows the important role events play in our communities.

‘It has brought significant economic impact to Inverness and the surrounding area as well as giving people the chance to connect and share memorable experiences through its programme of online and in-person events. Having such uniquely Scottish events in our calendar further strengthens the country’s outlook and position as a world-leading events destination and reinforces Scotland’s place as the perfect stage for events.’

Shona MacLennan, Ceannard, Bòrd na Gàidhlig, said: “We were delighted that the Royal National Mòd 2021 took place both in person and online. Its impact in increasing the use and promotion of Gaelic is invaluable, and its economic impact consistently demonstrates how important Gaelic is to the Scottish economy.”

The Royal National Mòd is supported by EventScotland, Bòrd na Gàidhlig, The Highland Council, EventScotland, The Scottish Government, HIE, Caledonian MacBrayne and SQA.

This year’s Mòd will take place in Perth from October 14-22. For more information, visit https://www.ancomunn.co.uk/.