Highland Echoes: Scottish heritage celebrated in America

Scotland’s history and heritage has been celebrated in America through music and dance production Highland Echoes.

The two-hour show took place at the Appalachian Theatre in Boone, North Carolina, in July, and tried to capture the “essence of Scotland” through dance and music. 

The music of Highland Echoes tells a tale that stretches across continents, drawing inspiration from historical events and the migration of the Scottish people to Ireland, the Carolinas, Nova Scotia in Canada, and Argentina.

The Highland Echoes show international company is made up of more than 20 of the world’s best highland dancers and Celtic musicians.

The show blended traditional Scottish instruments to represent the dynamic movement of Scots across the world.

Scottish family organisations and cultural societies had the opportunity to represent their groups during the ‘Calling Of The Clans’ music piece.

‘The adaptation of these traditions to new environments has created captivating echoes of the highlands,’ said producer Jennifer Licko.


And we can now share the opening piece from the show, An Dannsa Gaidhig.

Composed by Jennifer, the strathspey and reel reverberate through pipes and fiddle, accompanied by a vocal instrumental segment, a nod to traditional mouth music sung in Scots Gaelic.


To find out more visit – https://highlandechoes.com/support/

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