Blind Edinburgh artist wants to change the way we view art

An exhibition showcasing the work of  blind local Edinburgh artist Alan McIntyre is now on display in The Water of Leith Cafe Bistro. 

Alan McIntyre is a contemporary visual artist who lives and works in the capital. He has had a lifelong passion for making visual arts and painted predominantly with oil until being diagnosed with an eye condition which means he is registered blind.

Alan’s practice has become more reliant on collaboration with sighted artists and assistants as my sight loss progresses. I am exploring and incorporating many different practices into work such as metal work, screen printing, 3D modelling, multi-media collage, along with sound and video.

Alan says, ‘I am trying to show my artwork that comes from the less known perspective of sight-loss but I have been and continue to keep making work as my sight changes’

This exhibition explores the nature of materials, transparency and decay.  From the desire to capture the essence of the simplicity of the movement of a falling leaf,  Alan has been looking at the transitory nature of the seasons, with particular interest in the autumn time.

The works consist of acrylic encased leaves which are preserved and suspended in front of mirrored panels to allow for interplays of light and to give depth to the work. The works which are mounted in acrylic cases investigate ideas of the suspension of the natural decomposition of nature and the suspension of time and movement as the dried leafs are halted permanently in space.

As a blind artist, the tactile qualities of the contrasting materials and techniques that were needed to make these works was very important. Also the works came about after a long journey of experimentation and discovery that started from the desire to present the simple beauty of a dried leaf.

Alan hopes to show his work as just another perspective of the World but from the less acknowledged or known about area of blindness and sight loss.


The exhibition will run until 6 October.

1 Howard Street

EH3 5JP