The family who swapped London for the West Highlands

Eric Macleod brings his remarkable memoir of his family’s years spent living in the remote West Highlands up to date in this second edition.

A witty and moving account, it includes a chapter to answer the questions for those wondering what happened once the family left their unlikely Eden and if any regrets accompanied their move back home.

Eric has given up a promising career in London as an accountant with an international company, and moved to the remote shores of Loch Cairnbawn in the West Highlands.

With his wife Ruth and their two little girls, he plans to renovate the croft and make a living from the land, but it s a long leap from management accountant to house builder and crofter as they soon find out.

In their seventeen years at Kerracher, they experience the beauty and terror of living in the last wilderness in Scotland. They can reach the croft only by boat, across the loch, or by walking a mile and a half over the hill from the road.

The Kerracher Man, by Eric MacLeod, published by Sandstone Press, £8.99.

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