The corrupt world of business and politics

As part of the Angus Blue series, this third edition details a thrilling investigation led by DI Blue who is drawn into the corrupt world of business and politics.

As we have come to expect of Martin, he has excelled himself with vivid descriptions of Scotland – in this case, of Oban – adding authenticity to the tale as DI Blue investigates the back story to a charred body found in the back of an abandoned and torched car.

The story propels you head-long into the drama and forces the reader to ask questions from the get-go. DI Blue faces multiple setbacks yet overcomes every one in what is a gripping tale.

This is an easy read with a not-so-easy case to crack, and keeps you on the edge of your seat until the end. Highly recommended for crime fiction enthusiasts.

The Dead of Appin, by Allan Martin, published by Thunderpoint, £8.99.

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