Stories from the people who live in Blair Atholl

As most Scots will know, Blair Atholl is a pretty patch.

This book compiles stories of Atholl from the people who inhabit it, although this is not just a book for Atholl residents – the stories have such a touching humility to them, it would be a shame for them not to receive a wider audience.

It compiles the very best of the community’s dinner party stories into one big book of the good stuff .

What’s not to like? A particular favourite anecdote of mine is when the eruption of a cannon fi lled with an extravagant amount of gunpowder caused the windows of Blair Castle to break. Now that is an Atholl Highlanders party to remember.

If you want a warm fuzzy feeling and a glass of whisky isn’t quite doing the trick, then Cumming’s stories from her home just might.

From Home: Stories of life in Atholl told by residents, by Julie M Cumming, self-published, £15.

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