Scots authors contribute to new charity anthology book

Scottish writers and youth homelessness charity Rock Trust have join forces to create a new anthology of poetry and prose.

All the Way Home features new pieces by iconic Scottish writers including Val McDermid, Scabby Queen author Kirstin Innes, and Luckenbooth author Jenni Fagan, alongside personal essays by those who have experienced youth homelessness and work by emerging writers, including young people supported by Scottish youth homelessness charity Rock Trust.

Marking 30 years of their work supporting young people affected by homelessness in Scotland, Rock Trust partnered with independent publishers Taproot Press to bring the book to life and highlight the country’s ongoing youth homelessness crisis.

Across each contribution, the idea of ‘home’ is approached from a variety of perspectives, exploring the visible and invisible realities of home and homelessness, of family and belonging.

By bringing together such a diverse group of voices and stories, Rock Trust hopes to shine a spotlight on the complexities of youth homelessness and how the lives of Scotland’s young people are being affected every day.

Almost 7000 young people in Scotland were declared homeless last year. This doesn’t include those who were not ‘officially homeless’ and captured in statistics.

Kate Polson, CEO of Rock Trust said: ‘Despite the high numbers of young people affected, youth homelessness is still hugely misunderstood and often a hidden crisis.

‘Many young people are never declared homeless, they may not even realise themselves that they are homeless, moving between hostels or the sofas of friends, even strangers, just to keep a roof over their head. But they are not safe, and they need our help now.

‘We are proud of what we have achieved as an organisation over the past 30 years, and this anthology is a powerful way for us to celebrate our journey, but it has also been an opportunity to reflect, question, and acknowledge how far we still have to go, if we are to truly see an end to youth homelessness in Scotland.’

Patrick Jamieson of Taproot Press said, ‘As an Edinburgh-based publisher, Rock Trust’s mission is one of particular significance to us, and we are determined to help produce a book worthy of honouring their 30 years of dedicated work.

‘We hope that the publication of All the Way Home will help raise awareness of both Rock Trust’s work and the o -going need to recognise youth homelessness in both its visible and invisible forms.’

All the Way Home is on sale from today, March 4, launch events taking place in Edinburgh with Golden Hare Books on March 16 and in Glasgow with Outwith Books on March 17. More information on how to purchase the book or tickets to either of the launches can be found at

Rock Trust aims to end youth homelessness in Scotland by ensuring that every young person in Scotland has access to expert youth specific services to assist them to avoid, survive and move on from homelessness.

They provide frontline services in Edinburgh, West Lothian, East Lothian, Fife, Perth and Glasgow. They also work to ensure that the public, policy makers, commissioners and practitioners understand the issues, make decisions and take action which will end youth homelessness.

Rock trust most recently published the Scottish Youth Homelessness Prevention Pathways and are working to support the implementation of the recommendations.